Enterprise Agreements Made Easy | Rachael McGann & Tammy Tansley
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Practical, pragmatic and easy to read

Written in plain English, Enterprise Agreements Made Easy includes useful case studies and checklists. It is a step by step approach to help guide you and your team through an Enterprise Agreement negotiation project.

Reviews and Press

Read the article in Human Resources Director here, and the article in Squire Patton Boggs’ newsletter here. Read some of the reviews for Enterprise Agreements Made Easy here

Resources to download

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– The negotiation template

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About The Book

Negotiating an enterprise agreement can be a complex and daunting task – whether it is your first time or hundredth.


This book provides a step by step, project style approach to preparing for, and holding, enterprise agreement negotiations. From selecting the right negotiation team, getting your organisation’s leaders onboard, through to the negotiation meetings themselves, it covers what you need to think about and when, who you should consider and how to keep your stakeholders actively engaged and in the loop!


By removing some of the mystique and providing useful case studies and checklists, it is a key addition for your negotiation toolkit. It will help to provide you the best chance of reaching an agreement that meets the needs of your business and employees in a timely and cost effective manner.


Download a free chapter here to get a taste of what the book will deliver.

About The Authors

Rachael McGann

Rachael is an HR and IR professional with over 25 years’ experience in national and multi-national organisations in Australia and around the globe. Rachael has held senior executive roles with HR and IR responsibility for Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With extensive experience across a broad variety of industries in both the public and private sectors, since 2009 Rachael has operated her own successful consultancy business (www.gerlanconsulting.com) based in Melbourne.


Known as a very “hands on” HR practitioner with a pragmatic, creative but strategic approach to issues, Rachael is passionate about the contribution HR can make to the success of an organisation and has a proven ability to drive change that supports business strategies, improves people performance and positively contributes to an improved bottom line.


A keen horse rider, Rachael lives “on a few acres” with her partner Peter, four spoilt horses, two equally spoilt border collies, numerous cattle and countless resident kangaroos!




Ph:       +61 438 695 200
Email:    rachael@gerlan.com.au


Both Rachael and Tammy are available for speaking engagements and to support and coach teams through the negotiation process.

Contact us at: rachaelandtammy@easmadeeasy.com.au

Tammy Tansley

Tammy has negotiated agreements in almost every state in Australia. She has 25 years IR and HR experience in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, working in a variety of different industries and sectors.


Tammy is the owner of Tammy Tansley Consulting (www.tammytansley.com.au) and has worked with leaders and organisations around the world on leadership, high performing teams, organisational culture and change and inspiring simple approaches to enable great people performance.


This is Tammy’s second book. Her first book is Do What You Say You’ll Do, a book for new leaders and those reinventing their leadership (www.dowhatyousay.com.au).


Tammy is widely published and is a regular speaker on leadership, industrial relations, culture and workplace issues.


Tammy is married to Alex and lives in Perth with their two young daughters and two cats.



Ph:        +61 416 674 946
Email:     tammy@tammytansley.com.au


Both Rachael and Tammy are available for speaking engagements and to support and coach teams through the negotiation process.

Contact us at: rachaelandtammy@easmadeeasy.com.au

Buy a copy of the book


  • Kylie Groves / Partner At Hall and Willcox

    If only all enterprise agreements were as easy to read as this book!  Tammy and Rachael have done an excellent job in translating their extensive experience into this practical “how to guide” for employers.  While the book does not over simplify the enterprise bargaining process (which for many employers is a significant event in terms of time, resources and risk), it certainly presents sensible suggestions in a straightforward way with well organised chapters containing excellent summaries, handy hints, case studies and checklists to reinforce the recommendations provided.   This book not only encourages those involved in the enterprise agreement process to be prepared but, provides useful step by step guidance on how to do that preparation.   It is a must have resource for any employer representative about to start the enterprise agreement journey.    For first timers it provides a clear and simple road map to help prepare for the journey and to navigate along the way.  For those who have been down this road before it will give them ideas on how to avoid some of the potholes they will no doubt have experienced in the past.    I will be recommending “Enterprise Agreements - Made Easy” to my clients as a must have reference point to assist with a quicker and smoother enterprise agreement journey.

  • Geoff Bull / Deputy President At Fair Work Commission.

    This book actually achieves what the title suggests by providing the reader with simple to understand guidance on the process of negotiating enterprise agreements under the Australian industrial relations framework. From researching, preparing and planning to the final agreement, this text has everything that a HR practitioner needs to confidently embark on the journey of enterprise bargaining. The authors have cleverly used their practical knowledge and experience to provide a suite of case studies and checklists to ensure that all contingencies that may arise are covered from an employer perspective. The practical need to identify what is sought to be achieved with an enterprise agreement and the attendant risks of entering into a negotiating phase are all suitably dealt with in a forthright and concise manner.   With the essential technical knowledge provided and while leaving nothing to chance, Enterprise Agreements Made Easy is free from legal rhetoric and extensive references to case law and statutes, enabling the reader to concentrate on the principles of enterprise bargaining.   For the HR practitioner or operational manager all aspects of dealing with employees, unions and senior management are covered, including what is commonly overlooked in securing the support and commitment of the senior executive team before commencing the task of securing or replacing an enterprise agreement with employees.   This text is an essential and contemporary reference book for any novice negotiator and a handy reference tool for the more seasoned practitioner and will indeed make the task of enterprise agreement making an easier exercise!

  • Sally Pedlow / Secretary At Industrial Relations Society of WA

    “Enterprise Agreements Made Easy” by Tammy Tansley and Rachael McGann, is framed within the Australian Industrial Relations context and is a “How to guide” drawing on the experience of the two authors, on the practicalities of negotiating Enterprise Agreements. The book is pitched as providing those negotiating enterprise agreements for employers with practical, easy to read, step by step advice on how to negotiate Enterprise Agreements. Having now read the book, I think it has achieved this goal! It is also a fantastic reference tool for experienced practitioners, and a must have for the less experienced. If you are new to negotiations I would highly recommend reading the book before negotiations start and then keeping it on hand to refer to during negotiations. For the more experienced, read it now and you will probably pick up a trick or two to sharpen your skills for your next set of negotiations. My thoughts on the book (and why you should buy it) ¥ It is very well written, is easy to understand (in plain English), and has lots of practical check lists and handy hints and tips. The negotiation process can be overwhelming to the uninitiated,, and at times even the more experienced, and the book breaks down all of the key components of the negotiation process while leaving legal jargon and extensive references to legislation out. ¥ The book reflects very accurately where most of the hard work happens in negotiations. The book has 9 chapters in total, and the actual negotiation meetings aren’t covered off until chapter 7. This rings very true for me because a lot of Enterprise Agreement negotiations is in the ongoing management throughout the life of an agreement, and the planning and preparation that goes into negotiating a new Agreement, rather than in the actual negotiation meetings themselves. ¥ The book is filled with many valuable, and practical, tips on how to get through the various stages of negotiations. Even the most experienced practitioner can get caught up in the moment and or arguments, and lose sight of what they are trying to achieve. I’m going to keep a copy of the book in my bag during my next negotiations in case I need some external inspiration (or a reminder to get back on track). ¥ There are so many little gems of information in the book that can only be gained through the experience of negotiating numerous Enterprise Agreements: Take “If you include it, you may never remove it!” in Chapter 8 for one. This had me nodding and smiling, getting up off my couch, and over to my bag to get my highlighter, in particular the line “If you think adding something new into an agreement is hard, try taking something out”. There are so many more practical takeaways like this throughout the book that show the experience and knowledge of the authors. ¥ The book encourages a positive and pragmatic approach to negotiations, and most importantly to Celebrate! The final piece of advice and item on a checklist after everything is finished is “celebrate!”. Enterprise Agreement negotiations can be a hard slog and we often forget to celebrate at the end.   This is where you can order copies of “Enterprise Agreements Made Easy”… and you should. * and it’s not just me that thinks so. FWC Deputy President Geoff Bull has also given the book a great review, as has Kylie Groves, Partner at Squire Patton Boggs.